We operate according to a simple vision of leaving the world better than we found it.

Our Values

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At the Monty Group, integrity is the backbone of our culture. We conduct our businesses and forge new relationships with a focus on honesty, trust, and reliability. Our integrity is born out of a sense of responsibility to the people we employ and the clientele we serve. We always deliver on our promises and strive to do the right thing, as we unceasingly work to provide better lives to our employees, customers, and communities.
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At the Monty Group, we are always aiming to build strong partnerships and lasting relationships. Teamwork is the foundation of an efficient, successful and enjoyable working environment. We firmly believe that together we can achieve far greater things than we could alone. We apply this belief not just to the people with whom we work, but also the neighbors we share our communities with and the clientele we faithfully serve. We encourage collaboration and celebrate shared success at every level of our business.
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Excellence comes in many forms, and at the Monty Group, we know that it means more than just operating a profitable business. We let our desire for excellence permeate through every facet of the company. We pride ourselves on a culture of exemplary professionalism and treating everyone with the utmost respect.
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The Monty Group was created as a result of the entrepreneurial endeavors of our founder, Mr. James Poon. As an organization, we have never stopped valuing the spirit and courage of entrepreneurship everywhere. We continue to foster this entrepreneurial spirit through an open policy that encourages employees to take initiative, share ideas and collaborate with others. We also aim to support entrepreneurship in communities we impact by supporting local businesses looking to take their first steps towards making a difference in the world, just as the Monty Group did over 30 years ago.
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At the Monty Group, we believe that environmentally sustainable practices are equally important as sustainable profits. We ensure our businesses employ environmentally friendly practices according to the highest international standards, doing our part to leave the world a better place.


At the Monty Group, we believe that every child deserves a good education.  We work to empower the communities we operate in by providing funding to schools, helping students unlock their potential by providing a safe and nurturing learning environment.


At the Monty Group, we believe that environmentally sustainable practices are equally important to sustainable profits. As such, we ensure our businesses employ eco-friendly practices in coordination with the highest internationally sustainability standards.